Politeness pays off


It’s nice to share things which are important for me and this time it won’t be an exception.

Has anyone ever thought about politeness and its price? Could it be measured in dollars? It could be. But the main point about this story won’t be the money.

29 November was pretty lucky day for some man in Philippines. He is living in the US, but went back to visit his family. In the Philippines there is a national lottery and nobody had won the lottery since 15 May. The name of lucky man is keeping secret.

The father of three won 741m pesos or 17 m dollars. He would not win this if there won’t be a woman who rudely pushed in ahead of him. Of course as a gentleman he let her go ahead and after bought the winning ticket. After the victory he kept thinking: “How sad for that woman, she could have won the big prize if she had just been patient.” The winner beat odds of one in nearly 29m.

I think this man is absolutely enjoying process of buying and following those numbers. It’s not the fight for his life and he let the woman go, that shows not only good manners but the point is that You should be in balance with Yourself both internally and outwardly. And trust Yourself. Be confident.

That was the story of this man from Philippines. But I want to share another short story which I found while surfing in the net.. As we all know Christmas is almost ringing our doorbells and here in Latvia is being held a charity event when everyone is able to donate any amount of money in exchange of song You have to choose to be played on the radio station.
One little girl brought her money box to that radio station with the money she was collecting for a long time. She wanted to donate it and help kids with special needs even she is a kid by herself. This cute girl donated 10 euros and for an exchange she was able to choose two songs to be played on that radio station. I found this girl as an example with potential to show at the end what truly matters. Also there was a woman who donated 1000 euros. Thank You!

It’s such a nice feeling to know that there are people around You with great intentions and with unselfish attitude. That’s what I’m talking about all this post.

At the end of the topic I would like to wish You merry Christmas and what’s more important, wish You to take care of those who’s important for You and don’t forget to help unknown people as well. Oh, and reach Your goals with the “Winner’s attitude”, my friend.




The man who didn’t give up

Hello! How’s Your day?

This is the proof of assumption – I like to focus on quality instead of quantity. As a result, I’m not everyday’s blogger, but I think a lot of folks would agree – better one interesting topic with quality than three incomprehensible topics. Kevin Abdulrahman was talking about this story once and I find this important for everyone.

Today I would like to share with You one story of a man who showed how to deal with difficulties. The story is about John Stephen Athwart. He was born in 1942 in Tanzania. John was 160 cm tall and weighed in at 50 Kegs. Also in October 20th, 1968, the summer Olympics was being held in Mexico City. 112 nations were participating with more than 5,500 athletes. From basketball to water polo and rowing. But John wasn’t participant of these – John participated in marathon. The marathon where 74 people had started the race. Of the 74 who did, only 57 managed to complete the race. No surprise – John was one of those 57 who did.

I wish I could say that John came as the first one – but he did not. Even though he finished, that itself was a huge feat. I will explain why.
Of the 57 that finished the race, Athwart came in last. Moreover, he came in over an hour and a half later than what the judges had thought was the last person.
Want more?
John was so late that the winners ceremony was already completed and the medals were handed. Many spectators were leaving when suddenly they were informed about a man who seemed to be heading towards the stadium. John had got injured along the way, having hurt his knee. Nonetheless, with his bandaged and bloody leg John continued with his quest of moving forward and completing the marathon.

He made a promise to his country, but more importantly he made to himself. When John was asked why he kept going despite the pain, he said:pppp

If You were John, would You do the same? Maybe You would quit and give up? Like those other 17 participants. And after almost 50 years, everyone is talking about John and his feat. Probably no one remembers who won this marathon instead of remembering John’s feat.

Think about Your attitude – do You like to give up on the very first difficulties and obstacles? Maybe You even give up before You start doing something? Maybe You should try not to give up and try at least one more time. Could it be worse? No! It could be only better!

Wish You an amazing day with full of happiness!

Yours truly,

The road to success: The 80/20 principle

Hello, dear reader.

Together we are moving forward pretty fast. We have viewed topics such as how to start Your own road to success and how to change Your attitude. Once You have find out that You are interested in being successful and ready to take an action, then we can move even more forward and look at one principle that can significantly increase Your efficiency of Your action in field You have chosen.

These „The road to success” topics are my personal attitude and idea, I find this important and worth sharing.

This principle with name „The 80/20 principle” (also known as Pareto’s Law) states that for very many events almost 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. The author of this principle is Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto (1906). Nowadays Richard Koch is trying to show how important this principle can be. He had published the book called „The 80/20 principle”. For example, Pareto found that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. There are many examples from different life situations when the principle 80/20 actually works. This principle represents all aspects of life and by paying attention to Your efforts and results, You can identify major opportunities for improvements of Your life. This principle could be critical for business. So let’s have a look.

For instance, You are a manager of a pizza company and You should think how to improve it’s efficiency of sales. You look at those results and see that there are ten customers which stands for 100% (100 pizzas) of purchases. You also see that top two buyers are Lisa and Eric, who both make 80% of purchases. They both have bought 80 pizzas. Those other 8 customers make only 20% of sales – totally buying only 20 pizzas which represents only 20% of all sales. You as a manager should make a suggestion for improvement. You take a look at those stats and by knowing „The 80/20 priciple” You know what to do. Company should focus on Lisa and Eric as a VIP customers by providing a great service for them first of all, because they make 80% of all income. You can call Lisa and Eric by asking which taste of pizza they would like to see as a new one. You should call because there is a great opportunity that Eric and Lisa will continue to make 80% of income even further.


The 80/20 Principle

Let’s have a look at the Pareto principle from different point of view.
20 percent of clothes in a wardrobe are worn 80 percent of the time.
20 percent of the tools in a toolbox are used in 80 percent of tasks.

In fact the Pareto principle does not demand that the 80:20 ratio applies to every situation and neither is the model based on a ration in which the two figures must add up to 100. There are possible ratio like 70:30 or even 65:35, but even then it’s worth trying to figure it out which of 35% of actions provide 65% of results.

In other words, try to find out what’s important for You in Your favourite field and where are You the most effective and try to focus more on that kind of actions. If the field You would like to work in is personal, then the measure could be satisfaction. If You have Your own business, then profit.

Try this for Yourself and let me know how it goes, my dear friend.

The road to success: A Winner’s attitude

Hello, I’m glad to be here and share these important things to You.Thanks for those amazing comments on previous topics.

Last time I gave You an advise – think about what You love or at least what You are interested in. Whether You are already decided what You are passionate about or not – it’s not so important. You can decide tommorow – but as long as You won’t spend time thinking about what you love – nothing will happen (after reading  this topic I hope You will find the answer – why?), but You should start by finding out what You truly like and after that You can transfer Winner’s attitude to everyday’s life.
This is one of my favourite part – how to think like a Winner and also how to be that one. So let’s begin.

Actually there is only one rule that You must accept. If You want to be a Winner, then You need to make a promise. The promise to Never Ever Give Up. Make the promise to never quit what ever you’re into and what ever You choose to set out to finish the race. If You have found being a doctor as Your passion – great, do it. If You have found being a teacher as Your passion – well done! If Your dream is to collect 10 000 postages – go for it!

You will have a lot of challanges and failures You think are failures, but person who has Winner’s attitude would think differently. Failure in reality shouldn’t exist in Your mind – for the only time You truly fail is when You give up. With a Winner’s mind You don’t lose – You learn. As a result, You are now able to learn and grow constantly. Now I know – when I was at my lowest point – I was learning, not failing. Be open to ideas and suggestions from the right people to help get an advance in the game You are playing.

Why is it so important not to give up? Because You are the only one who is responsible for Your life. At my lowest point it was only up to myself. Sintija tried to motivate me, but the final decision was up to me. Your goals and dreams won’t  get up and come to You. You have to go and get them. One of my dreams is to find that mysterious girl Sintija and I am going for it now for about 6 years and I won’t quit this marathon. The second dream what I’m not going to abandon is about my own family once. But the real enemy that often holds us back is ourselves. It’s not the economy, neighbours or even friends. You should get out of Your own way to become successful. Right? There are many people who think one thing or another is impossible. Make that one like IM possible. People think they fail every day and they fail because they don’t think as a Winner. If they would think – they would say: „I’m learning constantly.”


I could discuss a lot more, but at the end of the topic I would like to say – Your success will come from the actions You actually take. Life doesn’t reward those with potential or those who feel they deserve it. Life rewards those who understand the simplest of truths – taking action. Roger Federer – amazing tennis player, isn’t brilliant just because he has potential, he is brilliant by taking action – in this case – playing tennis. You will have whatever You desire in life when Your reasons of taking actions become stronger than Your excuses.

Here is a big lesson for You: The world we live in is a world that is constantly evolving. If You are not evolving Your mind in a winning way, being open to change, accepting it and adapting to it, then You will be left behind. (Kevin Abdulrahman) I agree. How about You?

Have an amazing Winning month,


The road to success: Introduction

Dear reader,

Now You know a bit about myself, my experience and those difficulties I have made my way through. I strongly believe that I have a second chance to live and do it differently compared with the way I was living before.  As a result, I would like to improve Your, Your friends and everyone’s life by sharing series of articles by the title „the road to success”.
„The road to success” articles will include several topics, suggested by You, dear reader, or just based on my experience and vision how it should go to make You act like a Winner and what’s more important – be the one from that kind of it.

Do You know what success is? Is there one correct definition for it? Is there only one way success can be measured? I would say – no. I would like to say – success is when You are feeling happy, isn’t it? And that’s good for You! I think – life is a game. The more You know the rules, the more You can act like a Winner. These rules are quite simple, but they ask for You to pay enough attention. There are some simple rules and more advanced. Firstly, let’s have a look at those simpler rules.

It’s Your decision to become successful or not. It is only up to You. But if You ever decide or have decided already on being successful, then I’m glad You are here. None will help You to reach Your aims if You would not be willing to achieve them.
That’s why clarity is important. Get clarity about what it is You want based on what feels right for Your heart. It’s not worth doing in Your life what You actually don’t like, because the price You pay for wasted time is Your life – knowing that You could do something You like more, it could burn as a hell. Then try to find those who have done what You seek – try to find a role model, mentor. When I was at my lowest point, I found Sintija as my role model, hoping that someday I will be as pleasant as she is.

Because success means different things to different folks, at the end what matters is how You feel about Your results and current situation You are in. When You will follow Your heart and try Your best, then it is possible to be successful and the most important – happy.


Let’s stop here for a while. As I like to say – one step at a time. Before we continue here is a chance for You to think about what You like to do, what are Your interests and whether You are doing job You love or not? If You find any improvements – write them, if You find Yourself doing job You actually don’t love – start by thinking what You love and what would You like to achieve. That’s crucial.

Yours truly,

Every single day is a fight even now

Hey, mate!

As You noticed, before several years I faced some difficulties and now I’m trying to figure it out how it all happened and how my experience can improve someone’s life.
As You see from the headline, it doesn’t mean that I have no consequences nowadays just because I faced anorexia several years ago. It does mean that every single day is an amazing challenge for me even after 6 years. There is a huge difference between what I call amazing and a bit harder day. And it’s almost impossible to predict which of these days will be tommorow.
I can wake up smiling like a 6 years old boy who has got new toy car yesterday, however there are many days I would like to smash that car. It’s so frustrating to wake up and feel pain in my stomach, feel nervous and realize that I have a headache. Together it makes total weakness and I’m frustrating because I don’t know why I must feel this pain… Am I doing something wrong in my life? Am I hurting someone and this is a payback?
There are many days I can’t even move straight.. But as I meantioned above I have those amazing days and these are a days in which I try to make my life successful and try to help others. Even those painful days filled with weakness won’t stop me just because I always have a hope that there are persons whose life could be improved.. maybe in the way by sharing my personal experience.

In other words, don’t give up even if You have 7 or 10 painful days in a row.. You know that after there will be a day that can change your life and improve other’s. Just keep going! 🙂 At least You should try it.

Anorexia – how it changed my life


It’s not so long time ago when I posted my first blog post here, but the aim of this blog is to show you what I went through and how I live now. As you probably noticed from the headline – the story will be about anorexia.

I guess everyone is heard at least once what is anorexia about. If no, then I will explain. Typical explanation would be: anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by a low weight, fear of gaining weight, a strong desire to be thin, and food restriction. Anyway, I had nothing about fear of gaining weight or strong desire of being thin. Nothing like that. It would be awesome if I could get some weight, but it didn’t happen. Actually it was fear of vomiting. That would be the best explanation in this case. In the very beginning I was just afraid, but later – it was not possible for me to eat anything. I did not want to eat not even of fears but there was not physiologic willingness. Maybe that’s why I was the first person in doctors life with these symptoms.. just because I had not common features. That’s why I felt so alone in whole world. I started to lose weight and at my lowest point I weighted only 30 kg which was amazingly low weight and at any time I could die. (more…)