Writing To Heal

One day lady Drem offered to join her movement “Writing To Heal”, so I accepted this challenge and we made an interview with several questions and answers about recovering, life and dreams. Original interview readable here – http://artofdrem.com/2016/01/08/writing-to-heal-uldis/

Where do you live?

I live in Latvia. I was born there as well. A lot of people when they heard that Latvia is near Russia think that Latvia actually is a part of Russia, but no, Latvia is an independent country from 1918 and from 1991 for the second time. I’m happy where I live and it’s great place to express myself.

Age you are?

I’m in my early twenties, but already full of experience would love to share.

Why do you Write To Heal? Has something happened that moved you to using writing as an art form, such as an illness or traumatic experience?

I have already found out that something that has been written has an amazing potential and healing power. I have mentioned this on my blog where I talk about my experience with anorexia. It’s eating disorder, but it could be deadly. Why I believe in a message that has been written? When I was 14 I faced atypical anorexia and doctors did not expect for me to survive, because all those 8 months I can describe as a downturn. On 2009 when Christmas was almost ringing our doorbells, I received a letter from my class. And this one I will never forget. Everyone put their effort in this letter. Also there was a wish from one girl that touched my heart so much that I decided not to give up and do my best to recover and improve everyday’s life for people around me.

Does writing help you digest your pain/suffering/experience and give some relief? Do you use it to cope?

Writing does help me not only to get some relief but also satisfaction for what I’m doing. Reading all those comments where people are thankful for what I’m doing is motivating me not to stop this instead of spreading my idea around. When something is giving us more than taking then it’s worth doing and writing absolutely is something worth doing. That applies for You, Drem, as well. For everyone. Writing do not set high requirements so it’s possible for everyone to express themselves.

Why do you continue writing, writing to heal, and has your work changed/evolved over time as you’ve aged?

I started to write down my experience and feelings recently. When I was younger I used to write poetry, but now I’m focusing on „writing to heal”. I like to write, because You never know when it will be something useful for someone and maybe even life modifying. Actually I see those first results already when I find out people on my blog with similar life lessons as I have learned and continue to learn constantly.

Did you blog before this life changing event happened? 

No, I did not. My attitude was different and my interests as well. That was a time, when I was a kid. Toy cars were more important for me than blogging world. Interests are special phenomenon, because they are able to change through out Your life and I’m not an exception. Time passes, interests change and attitude as well.

Where do you find your most inspiration- is it through mainly a painful experience or something else?

My main inspiration source is my dreams. Sometimes it’s hard to live only with dreams and hopes, but they help me to keep going no matter what. As this is turned into sincere conversation, then it’s no secret that my main dream is my own family once. I don’t know at the moment where that princess is and who is she, but I will never end up hoping that this special day when I will be able to make her happy will come. I believe in it. That’s why I’m still here. Of course, and that mysterious girl from my previous class. She never let me stop whenever I just think of her. So I have to move on. (laughing)

Did you start writing at that time or before? 

As I mentioned above, I have tried my best only on writing poetry before several years even before I faced anorexia. Actually I wrote a song before year or so.. that was very personal for me, but I thought I will not find a performer for that song so I threw it away. I regret. I loved that song.. I mean poetry that could be turned into a song. I suggest for everyone to respect Your own work. It’s worth more than You think.
I wrote that one when I was obessed with helping others and later I decided to join the blogging world.

What type of writing or art do you mainly focus on?

As my readers have observed that I mainly focus on sharing personal experience, insights and stories all around the world worth considering. I like to surf through the net and not only read those daily news but also get impressed by successful stories and maybe even talk about them on my blog.

Did it happen organically or did you say to yourself, “I need to do this to help myself”?

It happened organically. I found myself feeling great in this positon by sharing personal stories and I like to suggest others that it’s not on how many topics You include on Your blog, it’s about how You feel talking about it/them. It’s more important than numbers of topics You are talking about. That’s why I suggest for everyone to decide where You feel the most useful and then let’s move on. We all are quite different and that’s why blogging world is so interesting with many themes for each taste.

How often do you write/commit to your work?

It’s not 8 hours each day or 40 hours per week work, it depends on many aspects. If I have found something worth sharing, but I don’t have a mood, then nothing happens. If I have a great mood but haven’t found anything for my blog, then nothing happens again. I’m trying to make my topics with a great quality and that requires some amount of time, mood and something worth sharing. But I’m positive, each day is a new opportunity so You never know what will happen around the world.

When do you write and how? Like, in a journal, on a computer, and what time of day? Do you have a schedule?   

I don’t  have a schedule. Feelings can’t be scheduled. But I have a jotter and it helps me a lot. Whether I’m studying at university or being somewhere else – it helps. I make small remarks and after that at home I work with them. Develop them.

Do you have a different profession besides this?

Yes, blogging could be a profession. But at the same time I’m a student. I have chosen Economics as a subject to learn and it requires to check latest news regularly on the net to be on the top. And that’s a great opportunity to find also stories of success.

What dreams do you have for your writing/art and have those dreams changed since starting?

Well, a book for me is not an impossible mission some day. That would be great. As writing has it’s own healing potential I would love to help to improve the quality of life for a lot of people. To help them find their own way and reach their goals whatever they are – they are possible.
Maybe writing will even help my main dream come true, who knows. Surprises are all around us.

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