How to improve our decisions?

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I found an article about our brains and how actually the lottery messes with our heads and how to take control over it and apply for Your life in useful way.

Have You ever thought of being rich? Me, too. And that’s why people buy lottery tickets even when the odds are quite terrible. For example, the odds of winning Powerball went one in 293 million. Sounds possible? As one website says:
Humans, it turns out, can’t deal well with odds that are very small. Instead, we rely on something else — whether we can picture the outcome. If we can see it in our mind, we think it’s more likely. If we can’t picture it, we think it’s unlikely.

You can clearly imagine those 10 luxury cars in Your garage, that cottage with golden balcony near ocean. This is not so hard to do, as a result You are making Your way to the kiosk where You are still dreaming about Your future house and You buy 5.. maybe 10 tickets. As a result lottery messes with Your head. In this case – most of times You will lose..

Another example.. People stress about airline crashes far more than is rational, because whenever one happens, they’re on the news. The chance of dying on your flight may be one in five million but the image of an airline crash is easy to bring to mind.


But You can turn this trick from the opposite side.. Try to imagine something not always based only on feelings, but also connect Your mind. Probably, saying no to that “something” in Your mind. Another example.. You would like to buy a lot of cigarettes, because they are cheaper and You imagine how You will smoke them for next 2 weeks, but in our case try to visualise throwing them away in Your mind, so You probably will be less willing to smoke. Visualise how could You spend Your money better.. another opportunity.

Or next time you’re thinking about buying a lotto ticket, visualise scrunching up your ticket in disappointment. It could save you a bunch of money.
With this all I wanted to say that not always people should act like a loser and at the end of the event be that one. Everyone can visualise. All You need is a bit of time and commitment. Commitment – You won’t lose money on lottery tickets, but You will achieve Your dreams of golden cottage in a more realistic way than trying to beat the odds of winning Powerball. It’s up to You.

P.S. I’m planning on going to the Sweden and study there (it’s just an idea here, but I will apply and see If I will get accepted) and that’s why I wanted to ask You, dear reader, maybe You know someone from Sweden (city Örebro) who could offer a room for a few months? Of course I can ask that university for dorm as well, but I hope to find a bit cheaper variant (hopefully cheaper). Would appreciate if You could share this or think about someone from Your friends list or just someone You know is living there. Anyway, thank’s a lot.


    1. Eric, You are doing it right. This is an exception. Until ticket buying is not like “where could I put those hundreds of tickets” after raffle, continue doing this, I would like to do the same, but I’m something like unassuming person.. lowly person.. save any amount of money possible. 😀

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      1. I see your logic, I know there are people who spend money they don’t have on the lottery, thinking by spending £50 instead of £2 thinking there have a better chance of winning when they would be better of with one ticket.

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  1. You gave some good advice on things we should remember! Most of all, I have to remember that stuff never made me happy. We are so constantly bombarded with messages to buy things. Occasionally, I turn to QVC just to see if they can make me want to buy something. I swear, I have to change channels quickly because I find myself wanting to order things I never thought I needed! LOL

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  2. I never buy lottery tickets, same goes with shares and stocks, they all are trap, you have a great piece of advice there and a very well written article. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    1. Hmm, I think it’s more likely to earn some money with shares than trying to beat the odds of Powerball. Of course then need to buy a lot of shares and that’s why even risk is quite bigger, but it’s possible to affect the price of shares even by Your attitude and work. I read about it on “The Snowball”. But thank You for those sweet words, appreciate. Keep in touch! 🙂


  3. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket. I figure my chances of winning are almost as good as anyone else’s. If I do win, I’ll know I was really meant to have that money! Good luck in Sweden.


  4. I am trying to visualize positive things in my life. Somethings I find very hard and have the old habits of negative thinking. I already try to make a compromise with myself and say “I know I have the potential”. This way me and my negative brain can agree and I can also begin to visualize my potential.

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  5. Great post. Peeps do seem to be hung up on getting something for nothing. Mom doesn’t buy any of this stuff cause we are like the most unlucky peeps and pets you ever saw. We rarely win anything and are beside ourselves when we do. Winning something becomes exhausting because it happens so rarely…we need to celebrate. Mom has a cuppatea and we chow down on Island Paradise treats. MOL

    Welcome aboard the Canadian Cats…thanks for following us.


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