Politeness pays off


It’s nice to share things which are important for me and this time it won’t be an exception.

Has anyone ever thought about politeness and its price? Could it be measured in dollars? It could be. But the main point about this story won’t be the money.

29 November was pretty lucky day for some man in Philippines. He is living in the US, but went back to visit his family. In the Philippines there is a national lottery and nobody had won the lottery since 15 May. The name of lucky man is keeping secret.

The father of three won 741m pesos or 17 m dollars. He would not win this if there won’t be a woman who rudely pushed in ahead of him. Of course as a gentleman he let her go ahead and after bought the winning ticket. After the victory he kept thinking: “How sad for that woman, she could have won the big prize if she had just been patient.”Β The winner beat odds of one in nearly 29m.

I think this man is absolutely enjoying process of buying and following those numbers. It’s not the fight for his life and he let the woman go, that shows not only good manners but the point is that You should be in balance with Yourself both internally and outwardly. And trust Yourself. Be confident.

That was the story of this man from Philippines. But I want to share another short story which I found while surfing in the net.. As we all know Christmas is almost ringing our doorbells and here in Latvia is being held a charity event when everyone is able to donate any amount of money in exchange of song You haveΒ to choose to be played on the radio station.
One little girl brought her money boxΒ to that radio station with the money she was collecting for a long time. She wanted to donate it and help kids with special needs even she is a kid by herself. This cute girl donated 10 euros and for an exchange she was able to choose two songs to be played on that radio station. I found this girl as an example with potential to show at the end what truly matters. Also there was a woman who donated 1000 euros. Thank You!

It’s such a nice feeling to know that there are people around You with great intentions and with unselfish attitude. That’s what I’m talking about all this post.

At the end of the topic I would like to wish You merry Christmas and what’s more important, wish You to take care of those who’s important for You and don’t forget to help unknown people as well. Oh, and reach Your goals with the “Winner’s attitude”, my friend.




    1. Hi, Jalal! Nice to meet You. Thank’s for those great words.. Keep up doing great work with Your blog! Happy New Year which is almost ringing our doorbells!


    1. Hi, Jesh! Thank You! I always remember my Christmas… at least one more week. πŸ˜€ Hope Your Christmas was sweet and memorable as well! πŸ™‚


  1. Thank You!!! for your ‘Follow’ on my Blog.
    I so agree with your outlook on patience. Believe that’s all we need to make our lives and the lives of those around us wonderful. Great thoughts! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Dan! It’s nice and funny at the same time to take a look at Your predictions of Premier League this year.. hope You will win this “nightmare”. πŸ˜€


  2. Maybe not quite the same as politeness but compassion has been observed first hand and what its results are. We just experienced 11 tornados here on the same day and now days later thousands of ordinary people are pouring in and helping. Not by donating money but by backbreaking labor digging threw the rubble of homes helping total strangers look for nothing more valuable than memories… the results are visible in the victims faces, with a look of gratitude and just maybe a smile behind those tears.

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    1. Hi, Pete! You are right. There are much more than politeness in the world and they all are necessary and I find them equivalent. I can choose “realationships with people You really care” as the topic and it would be as much as important as politeness and compassion, because without any of them our world wouldn’t be the best place to live.

      Pete, best wishes finding maybe something new for You in the New Year that’s truly important. It’s never too late to find out something new. πŸ™‚

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  3. I love this story ! Thanks for sharing it, and make us aware of that patience and politeness pay off πŸ™‚ Have a beautiful year ahead dear, and thanks a lot for following my blog! Looking forward to chatting here or there …

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  4. Just came across this post today,,,a positive mind cannot go under appreciated. In any field…teaching, politics, science, etc. Positive thoughts = positive actions. People kind of forget that there are people that can change the universe….no matter the field. Every generation has a field of people, stop worrying about who that might be, and BE THAT person. I’m very tired of waiting for the next in line. Love is everywhere, impact is everywhere. Thank you for reminding me.

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    1. Hi, Tyler! Thank’s a lot for reading this one. And Your comment is amazing! Absolutely agree! I will try my best and will see if it will change at least someone’s life. Tyler, wish You to believe in Yourelf and BE THAT person. If I can help You somehow, feel free to ask. Would love to keep in touch! Best wishes in 2016. πŸ™‚

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  5. That was such a good story and really teaches us to be polite! I think politeness is so important, and as a teenager I still value and stick by it and many adults and friends alike see this!
    Great post!
    Isabelle x

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    1. Hi, Isabelle!
      Thank’s for Your comment. I visited Your blog and found out that You are quite young, but with this type of attitude You could attract a lot of people, even older than You. Thank’s for Your attitude and sweet words. Take care and would love to keep in touch! πŸ™‚

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