The man who didn’t give up

Hello! How’s Your day?

This is the proof of assumption – I like to focus on quality instead of quantity. As a result, I’m not everyday’s blogger, but I think a lot of folks would agree – better one interesting topic with quality than three incomprehensible topics. Kevin Abdulrahman was talking about this story once and I find this important for everyone.

Today I would like to share with You one story of a man who showed how to deal with difficulties. The story is about John Stephen Athwart. He was born in 1942 in Tanzania. John was 160 cm tall and weighed in at 50 Kegs. Also in October 20th, 1968, the summer Olympics was being held in Mexico City. 112 nations were participating with more than 5,500 athletes. From basketball to water polo and rowing. But John wasn’t participant of these – John participated in marathon. The marathon where 74 people had started the race. Of the 74 who did, only 57 managed to complete the race. No surprise – John was one of those 57 who did.

I wish I could say that John came as the first one – but he did not. Even though he finished, that itself was a huge feat. I will explain why.
Of the 57 that finished the race, Athwart came in last. Moreover, he came in over an hour and a half later than what the judges had thought was the last person.
Want more?
John was so late that the winners ceremony was already completed and the medals were handed. Many spectators were leaving when suddenly they were informed about a man who seemed to be heading towards the stadium. John had got injured along the way, having hurt his knee. Nonetheless, with his bandaged and bloody leg John continued with his quest of moving forward and completing the marathon.

He made a promise to his country, but more importantly he made to himself. When John was asked why he kept going despite the pain, he said:pppp

If You were John, would You do the same? Maybe You would quit and give up? Like those other 17 participants. And after almost 50 years, everyone is talking about John and his feat. Probably no one remembers who won this marathon instead of remembering John’s feat.

Think about Your attitude – do You like to give up on the very first difficulties and obstacles? Maybe You even give up before You start doing something? Maybe You should try not to give up and try at least one more time. Could it be worse? No! It could be only better!

Wish You an amazing day with full of happiness!

Yours truly,


  1. The ability of finishing what you start takes a person who has a very deep passion
    A huge responsibility to self
    A back bone that no matter what you will finish no matter the results
    I can’t say enough about this story
    How it resonates with me
    I’m a fighter I don’t quite
    Even if it takes me days to finish
    Even if the results are less than average
    Just because the situation gets strange and unusual
    You have to remember its never unusually strange

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    1. Sheldonk, that’s the most important, it’s not worth stopping if You have started something. It’s worth going until the very end. Take care!


  2. Hi Uldiz,
    First of all, thank you for liking and following my blog😁
    I hope I have not terrified you with my Halloween stories. Some of my real friends found the stories scary. Likewise I do not write everyday. I have accumulated of huge writing collection which I have limited time to publish them on my blog. I hope I have not pushed you away as a support reader somehow. I do not know how to stop sending notification to you if you are my follower.

    Secondly, I really write the above story. I participated in karate tournament a few times many years ago, you are right. It is not about winning. It is participating spirit that matters. Continue to do what you are doing. I will do my best to support you on your blog. Bear in mind I am knew to WordPress.

    Thirdly, any chance you could give me a brief comment what made you to decide following my blog? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I sent you email but no luck therefore I sent you a message here.

    Lastly, thank you. Have a nice day😊


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    1. Hi, Lilian! Your comment came as an amazing surprise. Thank You for stopping here. 🙂
      It’s such a pleasure to meet You. I haven’t participated in karate championships, but I think it’s not only about power of puches or kicks. It’s an art of attitude and it teaches a lot of useful tips to improve everyday’s life. And I see those results not only on Your blog – but even here when thinking about Your attitude. I would love to support You in any way I could.
      I decided to follow Your blog because of Your attitude. It’s not only about those scary and sometimes funny Halloween stories. It’s about You as a beautiful person worth communicate with.
      Would love to keep in touch and that’s why we can use email. 🙂

      Have a great day!

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      1. Hi Uldiz, Thank you for your beautiful message😁 You really impressed me. You are so young and you understand the philosophy of martial art. That is amazing. It is rare to find a young person so mature like yourself. I am sorry it took me so long to read your blog. I am still new to word press. Not very good with exploring other peoples’ blog. Keep doing what you are doing. You will get far in life.
        Have a good weekend😊

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