The road to success: Introduction

Dear reader,

Now You know a bit about myself, my experience and those difficulties I have made my way through. I strongly believe that I have a second chance to live and do it differently compared with the way I was living before.  As a result, I would like to improve Your, Your friends and everyone’s life by sharing series of articles by the title „the road to success”.
„The road to success” articles will include several topics, suggested by You, dear reader, or just based on my experience and vision how it should go to make You act like a Winner and what’s more important – be the one from that kind of it.

Do You know what success is? Is there one correct definition for it? Is there only one way success can be measured? I would say – no. I would like to say – success is when You are feeling happy, isn’t it? And that’s good for You! I think – life is a game. The more You know the rules, the more You can act like a Winner. These rules are quite simple, but they ask for You to pay enough attention. There are some simple rules and more advanced. Firstly, let’s have a look at those simpler rules.

It’s Your decision to become successful or not. It is only up to You. But if You ever decide or have decided already on being successful, then I’m glad You are here. None will help You to reach Your aims if You would not be willing to achieve them.
That’s why clarity is important. Get clarity about what it is You want based on what feels right for Your heart. It’s not worth doing in Your life what You actually don’t like, because the price You pay for wasted time is Your life – knowing that You could do something You like more, it could burn as a hell. Then try to find those who have done what You seek – try to find a role model, mentor. When I was at my lowest point, I found Sintija as my role model, hoping that someday I will be as pleasant as she is.

Because success means different things to different folks, at the end what matters is how You feel about Your results and current situation You are in. When You will follow Your heart and try Your best, then it is possible to be successful and the most important – happy.


Let’s stop here for a while. As I like to say – one step at a time. Before we continue here is a chance for You to think about what You like to do, what are Your interests and whether You are doing job You love or not? If You find any improvements – write them, if You find Yourself doing job You actually don’t love – start by thinking what You love and what would You like to achieve. That’s crucial.

Yours truly,



  1. Many people have asked me the same questions as you have. First – you get out of your blog the same as put in. People rarely magically appear at your site simply because you’re on-line. Go to the Reader and make a list of Tags you are interested in – check it often. It will help you locate blogs of similar interest. Comment on their site as you did with me.
    Second – when you answer comments on your own site, treat each person individually. I DO have a great bunch of regulars who not only connected with me, but each other. I encourage them to talk to each other too.
    Try out these suggestions and let me know how you do and then we can go from there….
    Best of Luck, GP Cox @ Pacific Paratrooper.

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    1. Thank You for Your comment. I know I should firstly invest and only then wait for outcome. I guess so. Will try Your suggestion about “Tags”. I guess I should invest more than I could imagine, but will see how it goes. And I am only at the start of my journey. Thank You again for Your comments. 🙂

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